uBiome Doctor’s Report

Last week I promised you the results from my uBiome SmartGut test. Has it been worth it to find out what critters live in my intestines? Totally!

It took about three days from when I dropped the sample in the mail until they received it (and notified me via email), a standard Post Office journey. Exactly a week later, they sent me a PDF link to my results (protected behind a login wall).

A personal conversation

The same day, I got an email from one of their staff doctors. He wanted to go over my results with me personally on the phone, and he gave me a number and a time window (9-5 Monday) during which to call. He wanted to go into detail, so do have your results ready when you place the call. He also gave me the general Physician’s Guidelines, so that we could refer to it as we discussed his recommendations.

He said uBiome speaks personally with a client when the test reveals an issue. If the test doesn’t reveal an issue, they let you determine that by examining your report.

A missing strain of bugs

In my case, although my diversity score is good and I don’t have any pathogens, I’m low on several strains, including two that are associated with IBS. Having a history of virulent IBS, and using that as my primary health concern for uBiome’s purposes, this was exactly what I suspected I might find.

It’s interesting to me that, although I’ve been eating various ferments daily for several years, I can still be low in a critical strain. Cutting out the grains, legumes, and stress (by a realistic amount, of course) have helped me be largely symptom free, too, for several years. Those measures did a lot of good, but because of the test, I can take another step and become another bit stronger.

Actionable results

The plan of action Dr. Lin made for me starts with bifidobacteria supplementation, whether with a prescription strength or commercially available probiotic (probably the latter). Then we’ll re-test. Once that strain is back in balance, we’ll work on others.

If you have or have had gut issues, get yourself tested! The trial period is still open, so uBiome will cover the gap between your insurance coverage and the cost of the test. Let us know how the test went for you, and what you learned about your gut health.

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