No-Cost uBiome SmartGut

Great news! The uBiome SmartGut test is still in its pilot period. During this time, uBiome will cover all costs for the test beyond what your health insurance covers. This is an incredible opportunity to get feedback on your gut microbiome.

Requesting the test was indeed easy. It took about 20 minutes. I didn’t have to go through my doctor, one of their doctors orders the test and goes over the results.

There were quite a few questionnnaires to go through, especially since I consented to taking part in their research. There were some warnings, too, which surprised me–especially the one about the results of the test being uninteresting or personally challenging, something you may not wish to know.

The sampling kit came in less than a week. Here are some highlights from the unboxing.

Order your test now, while the costs are still covered. Share the link with your friends and followers.


Next week I’ll post the results, so stay tuned.

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