5 Entry Level Biohacking Gifts Under $15

Something you learn about me early on is that I’m a cheapo. I have to be. I had a failed tech career, I’ve had longstanding health problems, and now I’m an entrepreneur, so I’m triple broke. While I may drool over high end goodies such as the Oura ring, I’m limited to what I can afford from working side hustles and begging my spouse.

Which is no inconvenience whatsoever. I’m not ready for big ticket items and tough commitments anyway–I’m still a noob myself. That’s how I know these gifts will be perfect for anyone who’s just dipping their toes into biohacking. Give joyfully, spread the good word, and support the wise choices of those you love.

The 5 gifts are:


This gentle amino acid makes a great entry level nootropics experiment. If there’s anybody on your Christmas list who struggles with a wired up nervous system, and I’m sure there is, you definitely want to turn them on to this.

I get mine from Liftmode, and I highly recommend theirs because the other brand I tried did nothing for me. A 5g trial size, containing about 25 doses, is less than $5; but since shipping for under $25 will more than double that, you’ll want to stuff one into the stocking of everybody on your list (including your own).

Gram scale

While you’re taking ingestibles in powdered form, it’s a good idea to know exactly how much you’re getting in a dose. Since powders vary in density, you can’t rely on a scoop to give you the correct amount. It’s worth buying a cheap scale to have better control over your dosing. A scale accurate to 0.01g is most useful.

Broccoli sprout starter kit

If you know someone who’s tired of taking green nutrition powders or longs to start a garden, or at least doesn’t usually kill her houseplants, she might be a sprouting natural. Broccoli are the highest in sulforophane, and the old fashioned mason jar with a screen lid is the best way to grow them.

A hefty supply of broccoli seed can be had for less than $10, and a screen lid can cost you less than the jar itself. A ribbon is a nice touch. If somebody else gives her a mason jar full of sugary hot chocolate mix, you can skip the jar, and tell her you found a more exciting use for it. (Word to the wise: make sure the jar mouth and lid match, wide mouth to wide mouth or standard to standard.)

Orange light bulbs

When hacking your sleep, blue blocking glasses at night can help your brain remember it’s nighttime, but they’re not always practical. They’re not exactly helpful when I wash my face before bed, for instance. It would be nice if I could flip the switch without making that pesky blue light to begin with. I haven’t analyzed the spectrum of any of these bulbs, but I can tell you any kind of orange light is friendlier to my sleepy brain than bright white.

Hypnosis recordings

Regardless of the topic of the script, I find they have a remarkable power to switch my nervous system over to the parasympathetic, and to fortify my positive mindset. I’m familiar with Steve G. Jones’ work; I’ve done several of his programs, and I have a collection of his recordings for my own use. He sells some on Amazon for $0.99, or if you get on his mailing list (he does send out a lot of messages), he puts most of what he has on sale periodically for about the same price.

If you’re okay with breaking the $15 limit, pre-load the sessions onto a dedicated MP3 player, so the recipient can use them with their phone in another room.

BTW, I get zero compensation from any of these sellers. They don’t even know I’m recommending them. These are just hacks that have worked for me, and that might work for you, too.

Happy shopping!

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