Ending Sleep Deprivation Misery part 2

I hope the exercise from Part 1 was helpful. If you were hurting from lack of sleep, hopefully you’re now more in control of your bedtime so that you can get the sleep you crave. If not, remind yourself that forming new habits takes time. You’re up against some formidable enemies, including work, chores, less than supportive friends and family members, social media, and television. Don’t give up! Two weeks is barely enough time to get started.

Today, I’d like to offer you the upgrade I promised you in Part 1. First, go back over the exercise that you learned and customized. Repeat it a few times, so that the images associated with it are vivid in your mind. Concentrate especially on the second part, when you pull yourself out.

Now take that vision of leaving, and infuse it with emotion. Say to yourself, “I want to go to bed, so I can feel good tomorrow,” and really feel the desire. Let yourself really long for a good night’s sleep. Brighten the vision, and deepen the desire, until it comes to a peak.

Then in that moment, when it peaks, squeeze your pinky finger with the fingers of your other hand. Let the feeling of the squeeze mix with the desire to leave. Practice this as you did before, several times a day for at least a few days.

Now the next time you need to close your browser and go to bed, or leave the bar and go home, whatever your situation is, as you call on that mental image to help you do it, squeeze your pinky finger. If you’ve successfully created an association between the tactile sensation of the squeeze and your feeling of resolve, the squeeze can help your resolve come back.

If you like, you can use a little talisman. Pick some trinket that is easy to carry, that you can access quickly, and that has a distinct feel to it. It can be something special to you, or even something cheap and simple, such as a bottle cap. Practice with it in place of the pinky squeeze, or do both and see which you like better. This will give you a solid reminder of the change you want to make.

How well does this exercise work for you? Do you have any questions about it? Let me know in the comments.

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