Love for Your Feet

How much care and appreciation do you give your feet? They do so much for us, and they so often go unnoticed. They can hurt at the end of the day, when they have been carrying us for so long. They can hurt after driving, too, because they hold still in unnatural positions. And what we do to them with shoes! Even comfortable shoes can be tight and constricting. If they’re worn, they can be unbalanced and cause us to walk a little crooked. And if they’re fashionable, it’s almost required that they be uncomfortable.

Give back to your feet. Give yourself a a foot massage once or twice a week. Feel with your fingers where the knots are, and work them gently. Spread your toes and hold them there for a moment. If you have toe spreaders, wear them for about 10 minutes. Use some nice cream or oil. Plain coconut oil is good, and it’s even better with a drop of essential oil mixed in. Work on them from the top and the bottom, and on your heels and ankles.

You might find there are some stiff muscles running up from your feet to your knees. If your body is really in need of attention, the tightness might continue upward to your hips and beyond.

Work around your ankles with your thumbs. Go below your ankle, between your ankle and your heel, and between your ankle and where the knot of your shoelaces would go. Sweep along the sides on the inside. Stiff corded muscles like to hide here. Thirty seconds on each one is more than enough to loosen them up.

There are many bones and ligaments in your feet. Get to know them all. Feel the V shapes that form between your toes, pointing toward your heels. Squeeze them between your thumb and forefingers gently into them. Then gently pinch your toes one by one, and draw them out long.

I find my step, and all my movments, feel lighter and more effortless when my feet are relaxed. Do you?

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