Ritual Thoughts

On Tuesday, I posted about the opportunity a self-care ritual brings to be present and centered in your body. It’s also prime time for visualizing, and putting positive thoughts into your mind. As you rub in the cream, or scrub yourself with the bath puff, thank your body for all it does for you, and how grateful you are to have it. Run back through some recent memories of your body in action, and allow those uplifting images to settle into your long term memory.

A time honored bedtime habit is to replay memories of the good things that happened during the day, both before you get into bed and as you fall asleep. If you’re getting to bed early enough, and your bedtime ritual isn’t rushed, you can take an extra moment for reflection. Some people also take joy in playing “memories” of their next day, in the way they want their day to go. Doing so helps set them up for a good day, and their expectations of a good day tomorrow helps them relax and sleep.

During workouts and stretching, feed your body the feeling that you want it to have. If you value strength, imagine surges of power rippling through your muscles and bones. If you value looseness and fluidity, picture a scarf waving freely in the breeze, its smooth ripples following your body movements. If you value both, do some of each during its own time. Your body will remember it all, even if your mind doesn’t.

The thoughts in your mind become physically real in your body. Both your soul and your body will enjoy the beautiful, empowering images that you show them as you lavish care on them.

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