Healthful Food Looks Beautiful

Have you ever stopped to appreciate how beautiful fresh, healthful whole foods are? They’re works of art from nature. Many of us appreciate forests, beaches, sunsets. That same beauty is there in our fresh foods, on a small scale, that we can hold in our hands.

Think of the patterns of veins on a leaf of kale. It’s as beautiful as the leaves on a tree. Some kale is even grown for its beauty. Picture the dappling of an apple, the warm fuzziness of a coconut, the captivating shape of an egg.

How about strawberries? They’re amazingly sensual. As a symbol of wild passion, they’re second only to cherries. Their smooth red sheen is captivating, the tiling pattern of their seeds is intriguing, and their fragrance is like a siren song. I like to put them in my salad. I often buy three baskets of them, because of the discount, and because it’s hard to carry two. They always get eaten.

Have you ever noticed, on a healthy animal, that glow? Or on an attractive person, they seem to glow–they have a beauty that’s not about their appearance, but about a radiance from the inside? Fresh vegetables are that way to me. They seem to glow, to vibrate, to call out to me.

Heated pouches don’t do that to me. Cheap processed food sits there guiltily, like vermin that has been shot and is waiting to die. I don’t feel that ache to touch and to taste. I don’t want to make it part of myself.

But when I see so much fresh, delicious food around, it’s tempting to buy it, to take it home, and make healthful, glowing delicious meals out of it. I want that glow that the strawberry has.

What fresh fruits and vegetables do you find most beautiful? Most sweet smelling? What protein foods are most intriguing to you, and look most interesting on a plate?

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